3 Quick Tips When Shopping for New Curtains for Any Room

Buying new curtains can be more difficult than you might realize; it's easy to fall in love with a design or style you see in the store or online, only to have it look downright awful when you get the curtains home and hang them in a particular room. You might also note that they don't offer the privacy that you expected, or they seem much too large for the space. Before you wind up with another set of curtains that you will need to return to the store, consider a few tips that designers use when they choose new curtains for any room in any home.

1. Size of the room

This is actually the first thing to consider when buying new curtains; if the room is small, you want simple square panels that won't overwhelm the space. If it's a very large room with large windows, simple panels may seem too tiny and out of proportion. While you may love the look of large, voluminous drapes, avoid these for apartments and small bedrooms, but definitely choose thicker and wider drapes for those big dining rooms or expansive family rooms.

2. Pattern versus solid

Choosing the pattern of your curtains can be a challenge, and this is where you need to let your furniture be the guide. If your furniture is upholstered with a pattern of any sort, you should opt for a solid color for your curtains. If you have leather furniture, a pattern on your curtains will help to add visual interest to the space and break up the overall look.

If you do want to try patterned curtains when your furniture has a pattern on its upholstery, opt for something contrasting rather than trying to match the designs. In other words, if your sofa has a slight pinstripe, choose curtains that have circles or flowers rather than stripes. If your sofa has a flowered pattern, choose curtains with simple stripes. The contrast will help the curtains complement each other and help to avoid clashing patterns.

3. Choosing thickness

Not all curtains offer the privacy and light filtering that you might assume; some are very thin and meant for decoration more than full privacy. If you want to ensure that your home is completely private, look for curtains with a dark fabric backing. Check the weave on the material as well; a loose weave will let in more light, whereas a thicker fabric will help to block it out completely. As with clothing, the material used for curtains will all be different, so check fabric swatches and samples before you choose the thickness of the curtain material.

For more information, contact local retailers that have ready made curtains