Tips for Cleaning Your Glass Splashback With a Razor Blade

If splatters from your stove aren't cleaned off your splashback right away, they can form a hard-to-remove crust. Luckily, you can remove most caked-on splatters with a razor blade, but you have to take care to protect the glass. Let these tips guide you:

1. Check the blade for rust.

Before touching your glass splashback with the razor, make sure the blade doesn't have any rust. Rust disrupts the smoothness of the blade, and as a result, it can scratch your glass. If the blade is rusty, use a new one.

2. Make sure the blade isn't damaged.

Also, check the blade for damage. Look for nicks or bends in the blade and avoid using it if they are present, as they can also cause scratches.

3. Use cleaner to moisten the crust.

Once you've ensured that the blade is up to the task, apply cleaner to your splashback. Let the cleaner soak in and penetrate the crust. That will help loosen it from the glass and make it easier to scratch off. You can use commercial glass cleaner, or you can use a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and vinegar.

4. Handle the blade carefully.

If you are using a plain razor blade without any handle attached to it, you need to be as careful as possible while handling it. Hold it in the middle, and keep your other hand out of the way.

When scraping crust from the glass, keep the blade flat against the splashback. Don't use it at an angle -- in that position, it could scratch the glass or slip and cut you.

If you are worried about getting cut with the razor blade, use a broad knife instead. It works roughly the same as a razor blade, but it has a convenient handle.

5. Store the blade carefully.

As indicated above, you need to keep your blade rust and damage free so that it is safe to use on your glass splashback. As a result, you need to store it carefully. Don't set it anywhere wet like the side of your kitchen sink -- the moisture will make it rusty. If you keep it in a drawer or cupboard, store it in a plastic case. That protects it from getting damaged from other items, and it makes picking up the blade safer for you.

Want more tips on cleaning your splashback with a razor blade or other tools? Contact a glass splashback expert.