How Often Should You Change The Air Filter On Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Not only is an air conditioning an important part of many people's property, but also they can be expensive to repair when faults with the unit occur. To get the maximum efficiency from your own unit, it is important to draw up a maintenance program, which involves you checking the whole unit on a regular basis to inspect for damage.

Damage to the ducts, motor, compressor or coils can prevent the unit working properly – in fact, these kinds of faults will make the unit work harder to compensate. This not only raises your electricity bills, but also may cause the unit to develop a fault prematurely. Part of your maintenance program should include the regular changing of the air filters. Here are some tips to help you determine when you should check and change the filter.

Replacement Filters

You can purchase replacement air filters in packs which are cheaper than individual filters. If you are changing the filters for the first time, take the make and model number to a supplier – they will be able to give you exact replacement filters. This saves you from getting the wrong size of filters. As a rough estimate, consider checking the air filters every time you get an electricity bill.

Things Which May Affect The Filter

There are many outside influences on the condition of your air filter. If you have pets in your property, or if you smoke (including pipes and cigars) inside of your home, or if you have to use the system for more than half of the year – all these factors affect the working life of your filters. Simply having several people in your house will contribute to added dust and debris, which is drawn into the system and through the filters. Consider if any of these points apply to you, and adjust your maintenance program by checking the filters more frequently.

When The Filter Needs To Be Changed Immediately

There are a couple of situations – should you observe them – which call for an immediate change of the air filter. If the filter is conspicuously damaged, it should be replaced promptly. Sometimes, it can be difficult to control moisture in the system – and this can contribute to the development of fungus on the filter. The fungus can produce tiny spores which will be released into your home, if you do not take immediate and preventative action by changing the filter.

Most filters are quite easy to change, but make sure you remove the dust from the old filter first, with a clean cloth. Always eliminate the power to the unit before changing the air filter. 

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