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Make It Last: How to Extend the Life of Your Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is perfect for your outdoor living area. Wicker has a beautiful rustic charm, making it the perfect addition to your garden or patio. It's light, so it's easy to move around when you're chasing the sun or avoiding the wind. However, it isn't waterproof, and if you leave it exposed to rain, sun, smoke and dust, it can become shabby in just a few years. This shouldn't be a cause for stress.

Considerations When Installing Staircases

Staircases are staple in storeyed buildings but also commonplace in buildings with basements and plenty of attic space. If you are constructing a building that requires staircases, here is a look at some important things you ought to consider so as to install the right staircases. Staircase material Just like many other home construction products, staircases do not come in one type of material. Rather, they can be built from a wide selection of materials like concrete, wood or metal.

Steps Every Homeowner Should Take Before Asbestos Removal

When you think about asbestos removal, you may be thinking about handling it yourself. Though this is an option, you could be overlooking other asbestos in the home that needs removal or putting yourself at a health risk if you mishandle the asbestos during a DIY removal. If you decide to choose a professional asbestos removal route, you may be under the misconception that you simply call a removal agent and order the process.

When to Call an Architect or Drafting Service to Help Design Your Home

If you're in the market for a new home, you can typically work with a builder who may offer a few limited designs, and which you might be able to personalize in a few small ways. However, working with an architect or drafting service means being able to completely design your home from the ground up. There are some advantages to this, as opposed to just working with a builder's designs; note when it's good to call an architect or drafting service to create specs or drawings of your new home.

Carport Material Options For Any Home

A carport is a great way of providing parking and protective space outdoor for your car. They are especially necessary in homes where there is not enough space in the garage, or a complete lack of a garage. Carports are also popular in many commercial places providing temporary sheltering for the employees and clients car. When constructing a carport, one of the main considerations you will have to make is material options.

Flower Power | 5 Fabulous Flower Ideas For A Special Anniversary

If you are celebrating a special anniversary with your partner, then you can make it extra special by choosing flowers with special meanings from your local florist. Flowers are symbolic of love and commitment in general, but some flowers bring special meanings with them. This guide equips you with fabulous flower ideas when celebrating a special anniversary with your loved one. Carnations Carnations signify the bonds of everlasting commitment and joy between two people, making them the perfect choice for a special anniversary.

What to Do If You Are Fed up Losing Your Keys

Don't you hate that sinking feeling when you realize that you've lost your keys? Where on earth did you leave them? As you frantically scramble to find the number of a mobile locksmith, you realise that you have to prevent this from happening again, so what do you do? Fixing Your Brain As we have so much to consider on a daily basis and our mind is bombarded with things to consider, the brain is very selective about how it prioritises information.

Luxury Spaces You Want in Your Next Home

For your new luxury home, you no doubt have certain features you want your homebuilder to include so your new home is as comfortable and indulgent as possible. While your homebuilder may have spaces he or she will include and you have your own ideas for those rooms in your new home, there may be some you're overlooking as well. Before you have the final plans for your home drawn up, note some of those spaces and their function that you'll want to discuss with him or her and ensure they're included.

Where to place the solar panels for your solar hot water

Solar hot water is an environmentally and economically friendly way to give you what you need in terms of warm water for your household. Purchasing the solar cells and mounting them are basically the only things in this process that require that you spend money on your hot water needs. However, there are a lot of things you need to consider when getting solar hot water for your home. One of the most important decisions you'll have to make is where to mount your solar cells for optimal functionality, without the cells being a nuisance physically.

Some Simple Advantages to Installing a Ducted Air Conditioning System

When your home needs a new air conditioning system, you can choose a standard ducted or central unit, a split system that has one duct that goes directly out a wall and cools only a limited space, or a window unit. While each might have certain advantages, there are many reasons why a ducted or central unit is often preferred. Here are a few of its advantages so you can decide if it's the right choice for your home.

Tips for Cleaning Your Glass Splashback With a Razor Blade

If splatters from your stove aren't cleaned off your splashback right away, they can form a hard-to-remove crust. Luckily, you can remove most caked-on splatters with a razor blade, but you have to take care to protect the glass. Let these tips guide you: 1. Check the blade for rust. Before touching your glass splashback with the razor, make sure the blade doesn't have any rust. Rust disrupts the smoothness of the blade, and as a result, it can scratch your glass.

Window Treatment: Selecting the Right Material for Exterior Shutters

There are numerous types of window treatment options to consider when performing a general home improvement plan. The right choice for your property should be strong and durable to limit the need for frequent repair and replacement. Moreover, it should improve the aesthetic value of your home after installation. One of the favourable window covers that you should consider using is the exterior shutters. These are stable coverings which are designed to cover the window from outside.

Going deep underground - making use of all of your space

If you live in an area with council restrictions on building heights and/or external building appearance, and you have a small block, you may need to dig deep to get the space you need. That's right, using basements and underground spaces can be a great way to find more space in your new home. Here are some ways that homeowners are making use of underground areas.  Underground car parks If you have a beautiful car that you want to keep safe and protected, then an underground car park can be the perfect solution.

What to Consider When Choosing Exterior Blinds

Exterior blinds can be a good option for a home or storefront that is often exposed to harsh weather conditions, as these may provide more protection against wind, rain, and hail than internal blinds. For a storefront, some exterior blinds might also reduce the risk of a window being broken or other such vandalism. When you're ready to choose exterior blinds for a home or commercial facility, note a few things to consider so you know you make the right choice.

Maximised Cooling | 4 Golden Rules To Get The Most Value From Split System Air Conditioners

Split system air conditioners are designed to last for years with regular use, so you naturally want to do everything you can to prolong its shelf life. Like any other electrical system, they can get damaged over time if you don't care for them properly. Here are some golden rules to help you get the most value from split system air conditioners, so that they last you for as long as possible.

Lawn Mowers | 4 Indicators That Mower Replacement Is Better Than Repair

If you have a grass-laden backyard, then you know how important lawn mowers are to its general upkeep. Lawn mowing keeps your garden looking neat and tidy, while adding aesthetic prowess to the overall appearance of your home. But over time, lawn mowers can become old and worn out and repair may end up being more expensive than replacement. This guide is designed is designed to help you with instances when lawn mower replacement is better than repair.

Tips for Choosing Roller Garage Doors for a Commercial Facility

A roller garage door is often used in a commercial facility as it gives your staff more control over how much of the door they want opened and closed during business hours, and doesn't take up as much space as a door that swings out when opened. When choosing a new roller door for your commercial facility, production area, or warehouse, note that they are not all the same when it comes to their overall features.

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Over the Replacement Option

Cabinets make kitchen places become a lot more functional by adding much needed storage space. Just like many other kitchen installations these cabinets will often call for replacement at some point. That, however, should not always be the case when it comes to old kitchen cabinets as these cabinets can alternatively be refaced. The all-important question that several homeowners out there often raise is: What are the advantages of refacing kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them?

How To Hang Ready-Made Pencil Pleat Curtains

If you're not a seamstress, ready-made curtains are a real boon.  However, your beautiful new curtains will only look really good if you hang them correctly.  Here's a simple guide on how to hang ready-made pencil pleat curtains like a professional. What you'll need one pack of ready-made curtains several packs of curtain hooks tape measure clothes pegs When you unpack your new curtains, you may find that they are rather creased where they have been folded.

Keep Burglars Out | 4 Great Locking Solutions

With the increase in burglary in most neighbourhoods, it has now become essential to get the right locks to keep intruders out. However, finding the best lock can sometimes be difficult. Moreover, the burglars themselves are also upgrading their expertise. Worry not. The article below highlights a few locks for any homeowners interested in boosting their property's security. Smart Locking Due to advancement in technology, people have been able to improve home security through the innovation of smart locks.

4 Types of Tile to Consider for Your New Floor

If you are planning on having a new floor installed, tile is a great option. There are many different materials used for flooring tiles, from porcelain to natural stone. Each type of tile has its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are some flooring tiles to consider using for your home remodel. Marble Tile Marble flooring is a great option if you don't mind spending a little more for your floor. These tiles are best when used in areas where you want to add more elegance.

Traffic Jams in Your Kitchen: How to Avoid This Common Design Mistake

Traffic jams are bad enough when you're out on the road – don't bring them into your kitchen as well. You've visited your local kitchen showroom, you've found the kitchen of your dreams, and you've had your designer work their magic. The last thing you want is to walk into your brand new food haven, only to find that the route to preparing a meal is frustrating at best, or tiring at worst.

DIY Tips to Installing a Downdraft Cooktop

Extensive kitchen renovations can cost an arm and a leg. The good news is you can update your kitchen by simply changing one of your major appliances. One of the options you can choose is installing a downdraft cooktop, which works toward ensuring that smoke and steam do not get into the kitchen. Here are a few steps to follow if you are considering installing a downdraft cooktop in your kitchen wall as part of your kitchen renovations.

Gardening skills | Preparing your garden for the winter

Think gardening is only for the summer and spring? Not anymore. When the leaves start falling onto your yard, then you are receiving a message from nature. Winter's coming. You don't have to let your garden go into dormancy till the earth warms up again. If you really love your garden and want to keep it alive even in the winter, then you have to know exactly what to do. These tips will keep your flowers and trees in good condition even when the cold weather sets in.

Garage Roller Shutter Repairs: Why You Ought to Leave the Job to Experts

Many households have come to appreciate the durability and robustness of roller shutter doors. In spite of their long life, however, a lot of problems can arise with roller shutters, especially where older doors are involved. In similar fashion as many other movable parts of any home, garage roller shutter doors are also bound to experience problems (e.g. door won't open and close) at some point due to normal wear.

Outdoor Patios | 3 Smart Pergola Roofing Material Choices To Protect Your Patio

When it comes to selecting roofs for patios from companies like Patioworld NSW Pty Ltd, you have heaps of choices –– from umbrellas and shade sails to retractable awnings and pergolas. If you've decided to install pergolas for your patio, you've made a good choice because of its sturdiness and durability against harsh weather conditions.  Pergolas are versatile choices that can be constructed in different sizes and shapes to cover all types of patios –– whether you're looking for flat, curved or pitched roofs.

Deck Builders | 3 Vital Considerations For Building a Deck

Adding a deck is an excellent way to transform your outdoor area into an eclectic living space that meets all your entertainment needs. While it is a fantastic extension of your home, you'll need to consider several factors with your deck builders, such as those at decks on the Sunshine Coast, before the building process. Don't start any work on your deck before ticking off this checklist to ensure that you get exactly what you desire.

Vacuum Cleaners | 3 Smart Considerations when Buying Vacuum Cleaners for the Home

Buying new vacuum cleaners can be a daunting task, especially when you don't know what you should be spending your money on. With prices ranging from $100 to $1500, there's a myriad of models available in the market from companies such as Cleaners Warehouse (Brisbane) Pty Ltd. As a homeowner, you probably don't need commercial-grade high-powered vacuum cleaners or steam cleaners, but you'll need something that combines value and performance. Here are some smart considerations when you buy vacuum cleaners for the home.

Kitchen Window Furnishings | 3 Must-Have Features for Kitchen Blinds

Kitchens are always subject to extreme conditions because of the heat and moisture derived from cooking food on high-temperature flames. Because of the volatile nature of a kitchen, your kitchen blinds must be strong enough to withstand all kinds of temperature conditions, while allowing you to properly function. Here are some must-have features to look for in kitchen blinds.   Ability to Withstand Extreme Heat and Humidity The temperatures in kitchens are always higher than the rest of the rooms in a home, because of the heat and humidity from cooking.

Reasons To Invest In Frameless Shower Screens

When you want to enhance the appearance of your bathroom without making a wholesale renovation, you may want to think about replacing your old shower screens with frameless shower screens. These types of screens offer you a seamless design that can make your bathroom appear larger and reduce the amount of time you spend on maintenance. Here are some reasons to make the switch to frameless shower screens: Makes Your Bathroom Look Bigger -- Frameless shower screens are made from double-paned glass, and because they are bolted directly into your shower floor with no runners or frames, they don't distract your eye, which means that anyone who enters your bathroom will think your space is larger, because the transparency of the glass creates the illusion of  largeness.

Home Insulation: 3 Different Materials Available to You

You may be wondering about which material you should use to insulate a home you have recently purchased. If that statement describes you, then read on and find some helpful information about three easily available insulating materials. Fibreglass Batt This insulating material is made from fibreglass and is bought in rolls. It is very popular because it is affordable and easy to install. All you have to do is to roll it out and cut it when you reach the end of the area you are insulating.

3 Quick Tips When Shopping for New Curtains for Any Room

Buying new curtains can be more difficult than you might realize; it's easy to fall in love with a design or style you see in the store or online, only to have it look downright awful when you get the curtains home and hang them in a particular room. You might also note that they don't offer the privacy that you expected, or they seem much too large for the space.

Carpet Cleaning: 3 Tips to Implement When You Have a Baby

Most babies spend a significant amount of time on the ground learning how to crawl and move about by the time they are 7 to 10 months old. Most parents prefer allowing their babies to crawl on carpet, as it is a much softer material than other alternatives. Carpet fibers tend to trap dirt and dust easily. To prevent your baby from breathing in dust or eating dirt off of the carpet, clean the carpets regularly.

Items You Should Keep in Your Home Emergency Kit

Even if you don't live in an area that has common natural emergencies, it's sensible to keep a home emergency kit that will help keep you safe if you end up without gas or power for several days. If there is a local emergency, it can often take several days for the emergency services to reach everyone in your area so it makes sense to be as well prepared as possible.

Your Quick Guide On Selecting Your Dream Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is always referred to in a broad manner as though its one distinct product. The truth is, timber flooring is a broad category. If you choose to have timber flooring in your home, you will have to go through a short process of selection as you choose the different elements that will make up your timber floor. Here is a short breakdown of the process leading up to installation.

4 Electrifying Style Considerations When Choosing Curtains for Windows

Curtains are an excellent choice for their delicate style and timeless elegance. But how do you select between so many different functions, textures, colours and fabrics when there's a multitude of options out there. Paralysed by the endless possibilities when it comes to window treatments? Follow this guide for some electrifying style considerations when it comes to choosing curtains for windows.   Functionality            Functionality is an important factor and will confine your curtain options in a good way.

Top 5 Costly Repairs For A House

Buying a house is not a simple exercise. It involves a lot of legalities and documentation, which you would be glad to get over with. But before getting the keys to your home, ensure you perform a property inspection first because there are some repairs you don't want to be involved with. Here is a list of some of the most costly repairs. If you see any of these in your building report, or you're a homeowner and your home needs one of these repairs, you may want to load your wallet a little more.

A Monthly Paycheck Thanks To Solar Panel Installation

Solar power? Wait a minute, what if you don't live in an area that experiences constant sunshine? Well, solar panels rely on daylight and not sunshine to generate electrical current, so this means you can still enjoy electricity on overcast days. Moreover, what's interesting is that solar panel installation can translate into significant sums of money in your pocket overtime. This article explains two major ways how the installation of solar panels can earn you money back.

3 Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Repair Even Though it Seems to Be Working

Your air conditioning unit may be running and you may hear the motor humming, but it may also still need certain repair work done. Having repairs performed on your air conditioning unit as they're needed can help you to avoid more major repairs down the road, and ensure the unit doesn't give out on the hottest days of summer. Note the following signs that your air conditioner may need repair even if you can turn it on and know the motor is running.

Custom Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

A custom kitchen does not necessarily have to be expensive or outrageous. You can get your dream space while staying within your remodeling budget by making slight changes to some of the significant features. There are many trendy designs that can be applied to kitchens of all sizes and they can be tailored to suit individual preference and taste. When you decide to carry out improvements, apply some of these ideas for a truly unique room.

3 Household Dangers You Might Not Have Thought About

Your home—be it humble or grand—is your place of comfort, relaxation and safety. However, there are dangers that lurk within your home that you might not have thought about. It's not a pleasant musing—but it's a necessary one. By taking note of potential hazards, and acting now, you can save yourself, your friends, and your family from encountering health risks within your home that often evade the human eye. Three key examples of potential hazards are listed below, along with suggestions on how to safely deal with these issues.

4 Steps to Waterproofing Your Garden Shed

Your garden shed holds all your important tools, including lawn mowers and shovels. If you don't waterproof your shed properly, you can actually cause more damage to your tools. Here are four steps to waterproofing your garden shed that will ensure your garden tools and equipment are kept safe and moisture-free through the year. Seal the Foundation When you seal the foundation, you may think of sealing the interior floor only.

How To Choose The Right Softfall Playground Mulch

Whatever variety of softball surfacing is used in public kids' play areas, it has to meet Australian Standards for Playground Safety.  It therefore makes sense to choose a similar product for your own garden, and the most cost-effective option is mulch.  Remember that the softfall playground mulch only needs to cover the fall zone of your play equipment; the area outside of this may be covered by turf. Safety Most playground injuries are due to falls to the ground from playground equipment.

How Often Should You Change The Air Filter On Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Not only is an air conditioning an important part of many people's property, but also they can be expensive to repair when faults with the unit occur. To get the maximum efficiency from your own unit, it is important to draw up a maintenance program, which involves you checking the whole unit on a regular basis to inspect for damage. Damage to the ducts, motor, compressor or coils can prevent the unit working properly – in fact, these kinds of faults will make the unit work harder to compensate.