4 Steps to Waterproofing Your Garden Shed

Your garden shed holds all your important tools, including lawn mowers and shovels. If you don't waterproof your shed properly, you can actually cause more damage to your tools. Here are four steps to waterproofing your garden shed that will ensure your garden tools and equipment are kept safe and moisture-free through the year. Seal the Foundation When you seal the foundation, you may think of sealing the interior floor only.

Updating Your Garden? Three Ways To Use Old Tools And Cheap Garden Pots For A Whimsical Look

Do you want to update your garden without spending a fortune? All it takes is a bit of searching at swap meets or yard sales for some vintage farm or garden equipment. You might already have what you need hiding in that old garden shed. Then, buy some inexpensive garden pots to complement your new finds. Here are three gardening ideas to get you started. Tractor Tyre Gardens Tractor tyres make the perfect frame for your garden pots.

How To Choose The Right Softfall Playground Mulch

Whatever variety of softball surfacing is used in public kids' play areas, it has to meet Australian Standards for Playground Safety.  It therefore makes sense to choose a similar product for your own garden, and the most cost-effective option is mulch.  Remember that the softfall playground mulch only needs to cover the fall zone of your play equipment; the area outside of this may be covered by turf. Safety Most playground injuries are due to falls to the ground from playground equipment.

How Often Should You Change The Air Filter On Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Not only is an air conditioning an important part of many people's property, but also they can be expensive to repair when faults with the unit occur. To get the maximum efficiency from your own unit, it is important to draw up a maintenance program, which involves you checking the whole unit on a regular basis to inspect for damage. Damage to the ducts, motor, compressor or coils can prevent the unit working properly – in fact, these kinds of faults will make the unit work harder to compensate.