Custom Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

A custom kitchen does not necessarily have to be expensive or outrageous. You can get your dream space while staying within your remodeling budget by making slight changes to some of the significant features. There are many trendy designs that can be applied to kitchens of all sizes and they can be tailored to suit individual preference and taste. When you decide to carry out improvements, apply some of these ideas for a truly unique room.

Hardwood Moldings

Whether your kitchen is contemporary or traditional, additional of hardwood moldings can greatly advance the aesthetics. While there are many transitional spaces that could benefit from this enhancement, cabinets are the simplest to modify. The designs presented can vary depending on your taste and details such as valances and cornices can be executed. This is an affordable project since the raw material required is minimal. For instance, you can apply the molding on the top cabinet surface and around the sharp corners creating beautiful contrasts.


Embracing a somewhat chaotic design can give you extensive customization options. The kitchen does not necessarily have to look like a minimalist haven or a traditional pre-civilisation space. Using a little of everything from different ages, materials and styles can serve to give you functionality and beauty. For your remodel, you can use an exposed brick design and hardwood flooring coupled with modern stainless steel appliances and contemporary cabinetry. There are no limitations to what can be achieved and juxtaposition allows you to distinctively brand your space and give it a hint of intrigue. Be cautious about using too many ideas at once because this could lower the expediency of your kitchen.

Customized Countertops

Countertops command a lot of attention in the kitchen and should be chosen with care. The materials used are durable and so you should be ready to keep the installed product for the foreseeable future. For a personalized look, you should consider shifting away from the traditional granite. Lava, resin and quartz countertops offer a lot in terms of aesthetics and function. Stainless steel and ceramic tiles are also gaining popularity due to the availability of cool styles and variations in the hues. To advance the look, choose smooth curves instead of sharp corners. Curvy features will reduce the severe formality of the kitchen and give the room a warmer, welcoming atmosphere.

Design ideas for kitchens are almost infinite. While you should seek the best professional assistance, through a company like F & R Classic Cabinets WA Pty Ltd, ensure that you have explicitly explained your desires for ultimate customization.