3 Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Repair Even Though it Seems to Be Working

Your air conditioning unit may be running and you may hear the motor humming, but it may also still need certain repair work done. Having repairs performed on your air conditioning unit as they're needed can help you to avoid more major repairs down the road, and ensure the unit doesn't give out on the hottest days of summer. Note the following signs that your air conditioner may need repair even if you can turn it on and know the motor is running.

1. Uneven cooling throughout the house

The upper floors may be slightly warmer than the rest of the house simply because heat rises, but for the most part you should be able to move from room to room without noticing a tremendous difference in your cooling. If certain rooms are much warmer than the rest of the home, the unit's motor or blower may be burning out. When this happens, the unit cannot push air evenly through the vents to cool every part of the home. Ignoring this problem can cause either part to fail completely, so have this checked as soon as possible.

2. Loud thumping or grinding noises

Don't assume that because your air conditioning unit is older that you should naturally hear thumping or grinding noises, as this often means that a part has come loose and is causing grinding with the blower or motor, or it may be thumping around against another part inside the unit itself. This too should be addressed immediately, as ignoring this noise may allow for the part to come off completely and in turn, it may cause damage to other parts inside the unit. A repair company like Four Seasons Gas and Air might only need to tighten a connector or replace a worn part, so call for service as soon as you hear this type of obvious noise.

3. Burning smell from your unit

A burning smell often also signals a part that has come loose but is now wedged against the motor or blower, so that the parts grind together and in turn, you notice a burning smell. Very often you may also notice that the unit is not cooling as it should when it emits this odor, although this isn't always the case. However, if you notice a very distinct burning smell coming from your air conditioner, whether it's cooling your home or not, call for repair so you can ensure the parts are not coming loose completely and can avoid major damage to the motor or blower.