Top Kitchen Design Trends To Keep In Mind

Are you trying to come up with an interior kitchen design that you will be happy with, but are stuck for ideas? There are a variety of kitchen trends out there that put a completely different spin on a traditional kitchen design. If you want to have a modern look to your kitchen then perhaps by familiarising yourself with what these trends are you'll have a lot of ideas to work with. With that thought in mind here are some of the more interesting and practical kitchen design trends:

  • Industrial kitchen lighting: nowadays kitchen lighting is taking a turn towards industrial style units to provide a modern look. They are applicable when you are going with a minimalist look, but also want a comprehensive amount of lighting. Some of the features of industrial kitchen lighting include rivets, black steel, wire caging, copper and brass.
  • Pull out pantry shelves: do you hate having to take items out of your kitchen shelves in order to find what you are looking for? Then opt for pull out pantry shelves, and you won't have that problem anymore. They will allow you to take out the items that are sitting on one shelf section so that the ones at the back are as visible as the ones at the front. That in turn means you can get to your pots and pans a lot more efficiently.
  • Shiny brass: a trend that is making use of something that has long been forgotten – brass - is increasing in popularity among fancy kitchen designs. When brass is kept clean and polished to shine it can brighten up the look of a kitchen. Its brown appearance is similar to that of bronze, and will catch the eye in a pleasant way when walking into a brass filled kitchen. You can use brass with a number of kitchen components such as fixtures, pots and pans, handles and door knobs.
  • Kitchen Island: if your kitchen has the space then consider incorporating a kitchen island into the design. This is basically a table somewhere in the center of your kitchen that's detached from your worktops. In some kitchens the purpose of a kitchen island is the primary work area to prepare the food. Therefore, it will come equipped with a sink, and possibly a cooker too. However, since kitchen islands are typically big they will also have the room to act as a dinner table.   

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