4 Electrifying Style Considerations When Choosing Curtains for Windows

Curtains are an excellent choice for their delicate style and timeless elegance. But how do you select between so many different functions, textures, colours and fabrics when there's a multitude of options out there. Paralysed by the endless possibilities when it comes to window treatments? Follow this guide for some electrifying style considerations when it comes to choosing curtains for windows.  


Functionality is an important factor and will confine your curtain options in a good way. If you want curtains that provide total darkness and privacy, you will need heavily lined thick curtains that prevent light from seeping through the windows. If you don't mind light filtering through, simple lace or decorative sheer fabric will work perfectly. Thick lined fabric is more expensive, but it prevents your interiors from fading in excessive sunlight. Lining also adds a bit of heft—protecting from windy drafts. Depending on your specific room requirements, you can find ready made or custom made curtains.


Before deciding on the curtain fabric, consider the disposition of the room—are you looking for a formal space or a subtle delicate façade? If you've decided to go with a formal look, consider heavy silk or velvet textures. Silk and velvet usually need dry cleaning. For a more casual appeal, linen or cotton fabric tend to blend in beautifully with any type of décor—bringing a crisp and neat finish to the room.


When it comes to colour, you need to decide whether the curtains should blend in or stand out from the existing décor. If you're looking to create a blending effect, curtains should be in the same tone as your wall colour—but a few shades darker. You can even choose neutral coloured curtains to match other sections of your home—like your carpets. A bold colour will stand out beautifully against your wall if you decide to choose a contrasting colour. If you choose unlined curtains, keep in mind that colours like blue can end up being spooky when sunlight passes through, while pink and orange are cheerful.

Patterns and Prints

If your room is already filled with patterned furniture or elaborately designed carpets, stick to neutral coloured curtains to avoid overcrowding. If your furniture is filled with solid colours, you can consider adding patterned curtains to mix it up a little. For a subtle look, choose dots or floral patterns. Large graphics are daring but can be spectacular in a home with a contemporary finish.

Curtains are a magnificent addition to any home—so choose wisely and keep these considerations in mind when making your next purchase (from companies like Aussie Curtain Call).