Security Screen Doors: Bringing Your Home More Than Just Security

If you're looking to add a security door to your home, screen doors are a great choice. They offer formidable security for your home thanks to the multiple hinges, locks and steel-reinforced frames. However, in addition to offering security, the doors provide much more value to your home. Read on to learn how.

Let's you see who's at the door without breaching your home's security

Thanks to their mesh build, security screen doors give you a full view of your doorway even when fully shut. This proves invaluable when you have to open the door to unknown persons. The mesh screen lets you open your inner door without having to open the screen door. This keeps you protected during security situations. In addition to metallic security doors, screen doors go the extra step of making it impossible for someone on the opposite side of the door to make contact with you.

Lets in light while keeping your home safe

If you want to enjoy more natural light in your home, a screen door will let you do so without leaving your home open to intruders. The gaps between the screen mesh may be too small to let pets or people through but they seamlessly let the light into your house. This can help reduce your reliance on electricity and save on energy bills at the end of every month.

Let's cool air in

Unlike wooden or glass screen doors, security screen doors also let cool fresh air into your home during the day. All you have to do is open your inner door. Your screen door will then allow for air to pass through. Unlike a metallic door that has large air gaps, a screen door will ensure that strong winds do not blow into your home. This is because the screen mesh slows down the air speeds, ensuring that gusts of wind do not disrupt your peace indoors.

Keeps insects, dust and debris out

Last but not least, a security screen door does something that other security doors cannot – they let you keep dust, debris and pests out while still letting air in. This goes a long way in reducing the amount of cleaning you have to do after leaving your door open during the day. It also ensures that you do not sacrifice your indoor ambience for some extra cooling. A mesh door will also ensure that neighboring pets do not sneak into your home uninvited.

If you decide to get a security screen door, remember you also get to choose between retractable, sliding and swinging designs. You can also opt between metal and wooden frames to match your home. For more information, check out companies such as Carefree Security & Blinds.