Important Tips For Maintaining Clean Air In Any Home

Clean air is important for any home, but even more so when someone has breathing disorders such as asthma or allergies. The quality of the air you breathe will affect your lungs and entire respiratory system, but while this is important, most homeowners ignore the quality of the air in their home or overlook simple ways to keep it clean. You probably wouldn't shower with water that wasn't filtered and clean, so why breathe in air that's also unclean? With that thought in mind, note a few important tips for maintaining clean air in any home.

1. Clean the vents and ductwork

Dust and dirt settle into the ductwork of your home, and they may also contain rodent droppings, pet hair and dander, and many other airborne contaminants. All of these get blown into the home every time your furnace or central air conditioning kicks on, and in turn, you breathe in all these contaminants. Have your home's ductwork cleaned every year so that your home's air is clean as well.

2. Invest in a commercial-quality vacuum cleaner

Carpet fibres also hold pet hair and dander, human hair, shed skin cells, dust and dirt tracked in from outside, dead bugs and their droppings, and so much more. A standard household vacuum cleaner is typically not strong enough to remove all these things from fibers and, in some cases, may only pull them closer to the surface. You can then easily breathe them in. It's good to invest in a commercial-quality vacuum cleaner, or better yet, get rid of carpeting as much as possible in your home so that there are fewer areas with these fibres that are holding these contaminants.

3. Invest in a high-quality air purifier

An air purifier or cleaner works like a filter for your faucets: it collects contaminants in a filter so that they are not circulated in the air and you aren't breathing in these things. There are two types of air cleaners or purifiers you can purchase; one attaches to your furnace to clean your entire home and one is an individual unit for a single room. The single room unit is very easy to use and can make changing the filter more convenient.

Look at the types of contaminants the cleaner filters out and the clean air delivery rate—the higher this rate, the cleaner the air. You also need to choose according to room size, as one meant for a small bedroom won't be very effective in cleaning all the air in a large family room, so note those three important features when shopping for an air cleaner. For more information, contact a company like Air Cleaners Australia.