Reasons To Invest In Frameless Shower Screens

When you want to enhance the appearance of your bathroom without making a wholesale renovation, you may want to think about replacing your old shower screens with frameless shower screens. These types of screens offer you a seamless design that can make your bathroom appear larger and reduce the amount of time you spend on maintenance. Here are some reasons to make the switch to frameless shower screens:

Makes Your Bathroom Look Bigger -- Frameless shower screens are made from double-paned glass, and because they are bolted directly into your shower floor with no runners or frames, they don't distract your eye, which means that anyone who enters your bathroom will think your space is larger, because the transparency of the glass creates the illusion of  largeness. This illusion is further enhanced by the fact that a greater amount of light is reflected inside your bathroom, because there are no frames or runners to obstruct the diffusion of available light.

Flexible Designs -- Frameless shower screens are available with several design options to enhance their utility and appearance. You can select different styles of glass, for example, such as a rain glass, which has the appearance of the glass always looking as if it's wet and dripping water, fluted, in which the glass is etched with vertical lines such as with a champagne glass, and frosted, which provides you with a hazy appearance that is quite distinct.

Less Upkeep -- Traditional shower screens with frames are very difficult to keep sanitary, because dirt, mould and bacteria tends to accumulate in the runners or rollers, and must be cleaned every few days. With a frameless shower screen, there are no rollers, no runners and no frames on which mould can grow.

This means that you no longer have to use a toothbrush to try and scrape dirt out of hard to reach areas, because the glass screen is bolted to the floor. You only need to keep the floor scrubbed every few weeks, and to ensure that the screen is wiped down with an ammonia-free solution that won't damage the glass. With a frameless shower screen, mould and mildew are a much more manageable problem.

Strength -- The glass of a frameless shower screen is tempered, which means that it has been treated with high heat to harden the glass and make it less susceptible to cracks and breaks. Most frameless shower screens are made with two sheets of glass, and some manufacturers allow you to customise your screen with a triple pane for additional protection and durability. Tempered glass also has the characteristic of breaking into small pieces after high impact, which means that there's less likelihood of being injured by big, jagged shards of glass in the event of a breakage.