Vacuum Cleaners | 3 Smart Considerations when Buying Vacuum Cleaners for the Home

Buying new vacuum cleaners can be a daunting task, especially when you don't know what you should be spending your money on. With prices ranging from $100 to $1500, there's a myriad of models available in the market from companies such as Cleaners Warehouse (Brisbane) Pty Ltd. As a homeowner, you probably don't need commercial-grade high-powered vacuum cleaners or steam cleaners, but you'll need something that combines value and performance. Here are some smart considerations when you buy vacuum cleaners for the home.

Choose Machines with Higher Suction Power

Suction is one of the most important components in a vacuum cleaner, because this element sucks out the dust and grime from different surfaces in the home to clean them. Vacuum cleaners with higher air watts have better suction power than those with lower watts. The vacuum cleaner watts determine the amount of power in the appliance. If you're looking for a high-performance home machine, look for machines with better suction power for an enhanced cleaning experience. Some vacuum cleaners come with variable suction power, enabling you to adjust the suction for more delicate cleaning jobs –– this can be a huge advantage when you tackle delicate areas like curtains and paintings.

Choose Between Bag or Bag-less Models Based on your Requirements

The choice between bagged or bag-less vacuum cleaners usually boils down to personal preferences, because there are pros and cons to both. Bag-less models have become more popular because you won't have to buy new bags constantly. It is also easy to note when the vacuum bin is full, so you can empty it before losing suction. Although bag-less models are popular, they may require more frequent maintenance and may expose you to allergens as you clean the bin. Bagged models provide better filtration to block allergens from getting discharged back into your home. However, bagged models can lose suction quicker and is it difficult to tell when the bag is filled. Replacement bags can end up being expensive in the long run.

Choose Models with Versatile Cleaning Solutions

You'll want to choose vacuum cleaners that can clean multiple surfaces in your home –– covering everything from your floors and ceilings to your curtains and furniture. Look for vacuum cleaners that come with crevice nozzles and extendable tubes for tackling small corners and narrow paths. You'll want an upholstery brush for furniture and curtains. A vacuum cleaner with adjustable height will enable you to tackle different surfaces more easily. Consider buying a vacuum cleaner with a retractable cord, so you don't have to wind it manually.

Vacuum cleaners make the cleaning process far easier ­­–– consider these smart factors to get the best performance and value from the machine you choose.