Deck Builders | 3 Vital Considerations For Building a Deck

Adding a deck is an excellent way to transform your outdoor area into an eclectic living space that meets all your entertainment needs. While it is a fantastic extension of your home, you'll need to consider several factors with your deck builders, such as those at decks on the Sunshine Coast, before the building process. Don't start any work on your deck before ticking off this checklist to ensure that you get exactly what you desire.

Check with the Local Council of Building Guidelines and Approvals

Before undertaking the process of deck building, you must have approval from the local council in your region. Keep in mind that every council in Australia has set their own rules and regulations regarding home extension structures, including decks. This will cover everything from materials and structural integrity to construction guidelines and site plans. You may require two permits for building a deck –– a planning permit that details guidelines on boundaries and aesthetics and a building permit that details rules about safety regulations, construction standards and compliance.

The local council will give you a planning permit, but you may need to hire a registered building surveyor to get a building permit. Ask your local council whether there are any exemptions where a planning permit isn't required. For example, perhaps you need to reduce the size or make minor cosmetic changes to the deck's height and structure. Not needing a planning permit could save you a lot of time and money, instead of waiting for the planning permit. Planning and building permit costs vary between councils and surveyors, but getting them is far more economical than any non-compliance fines. Good deck builders should be equipped to acquire these permits when required.

Choose the Direction of Your Deck Based on Sunlight Requirements

You will need to decide whether you want an east-facing deck to enjoy the sunrise in the morning, or you want a west-facing deck for the sunset. Alternatively, if you don't want too much sun, you could also choose a south or north-facing deck. Before choosing, determine how much sun you desire and pick a direction accordingly. Bear in mind that your direction will also be determined by how much space is available for deck building around your house –– if you have more space on the west than the east, make a decision to build a larger and more comfortable deck on the west side of your home.

Choose the Deck Style

Choosing a style is an important consideration, because you'll want the deck to resonate with the rest of your home's character without sticking out like a sore thumb. For example, if your house has a wooden or vintage façade, then a timber deck will be a lovely extension to your home. If you're looking for a sleek and modern addition to your home, aluminium is a durable and low-maintenance choice that goes well with contemporary homes. Concrete decks also work well for contemporary-styled homes.

Make sure you go over these vital considerations with your deck builders for a smooth building process.