Factors to Consider When Shopping for Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings enable you to have control over how much shade they should provide. For instance, you can retract them completely when it begins to rain. This article discusses some factors that you should consider when you are shopping for retractable awnings.

The Fabric

Awnings are woven from two kinds of fabric. Some awnings are made from natural fibers. Such awnings are not very durable because they succumb to the elements very easily. For instance, the fabric can rot if it is exposed to moisture for an extended period. Other awnings are made from synthetic/artificial fibers such as acrylic. These are more durable because their chemical constitution is better suited to coping with the elements.

Method of Retraction

Retractable awnings can be operated manually or they can be electric. Manual retractable awnings do not require electricity to operate so your utility bill will be unchanged if you install them. However, their operating mechanism may become harder to operate over time due to metal fatigue and aging. Electric retractable awnings are easy to operate since many come with remote controls that save you from leaving your seat in order to adjust how much shade the awnings should provide. However, the consume power so your utility bill may go up if you use the awnings regularly. Their sensor also needs to be replaced regularly and that may increase the cost of maintaining this type of awning.

Framing Materials and Coating

There are many suppliers of awnings on the market so you should ensure that you select awnings whose framing material is strong enough to cope with the harsh outdoor environment. For instance, buy awnings whose frame is made from strong metals like steel. You should also pick awnings whose framing material is powder-coated so that corrosion will be kept at bay.

Room for Customisation

Your awnings do not have to look like an exact replica of what your neighbor has. Consider how much room you have to customise the awnings available at your supplier's store. Pick a supplier who gives you an opportunity to tailor the design of the awnings to suit your needs. For instance, you should be able to choose the color and method of retracting the awnings.

There is a great variety of awnings available on the market. Use this rich variety to your advantage so that you get the very best of what the market has to offer. Remember to seek for professional advice from awnings installers if you have additional concerns that may affect your buying decision.