Outdoor Patios | 3 Smart Pergola Roofing Material Choices To Protect Your Patio

When it comes to selecting roofs for patios from companies like Patioworld NSW Pty Ltd, you have heaps of choices –– from umbrellas and shade sails to retractable awnings and pergolas. If you've decided to install pergolas for your patio, you've made a good choice because of its sturdiness and durability against harsh weather conditions.  Pergolas are versatile choices that can be constructed in different sizes and shapes to cover all types of patios –– whether you're looking for flat, curved or pitched roofs. Apart from pergola sizes, you will need to choose the right roofing material to protect the patio. This guide is designed to help you choose pergola materials for protection for external weather conditions.


Zincalume is a type of steel material that has been immersed in a zinc-based liquid to create a protective coating layer on the roof. This metal roofing is both flexible and durable, so you can decide to install plain flat roofs or plan to create visually attractive curved roofs. The best part of choosing Zincalume is that you have a choice of different colours, so you can complement the existing façade of your home without difficulty. Lighter shades of Zincalume reflect the sun and heat away from the patio to keep it comfortable and cool throughout the day. Keep in mind that darker colours tend to fade away over time. They are slightly less expensive than Colorbond roofing.


Colorbond is a popular metal roofing choice and is well known for its durability and flexibility. Colorbond sheeting follows the same process as Zincalume and is dipped in a zinc-based liquid. This is taken a step ahead. Zinc coils are tucked in a hot oven, where the colour is bonded and baked on the Zincalume protective coating –– giving it the 'Colorbond' name. Since colorbond pergola roofs can be colour-coated on both sides to make it visually attractive, it is perhaps the most popular roofing choice for pergola-installed patios. Colorbond roofs are also available in a variety of colours to match your home beautifully. Double-sided Colorbond for patios starts from $24 per square metre.


Polycarbonate is an extremely popular roofing choice for patios because of its high level of versatility ­­–– it can be opaque, it can hide light completely or it can be clear as glass. Since this roofing invites natural light while reflecting away harmful UV sunrays, it is a comfortable material choice for patios. The only drawback of polycarbonate roofing for patios is that it can sometimes be noisy when it rains, but modern polycarbonate roofing materials come with insulation and noise-deafening properties. Polycarbonate is generally the cheapest roofing material for patios.

When building pergolas for patios, these popular roofing materials will provide you with ample protection from all kinds of weather conditions.