Fire Safety Equipment You Need to Have in Your Home

Having fire safety equipment in your home could make a huge difference in case of a fire accident. Unwanted fires could occur at any particular moment, and in some severe cases it could cause death or damage to your home. As a house holder, you can reduce the risk of fire occurring in your home by having a few fire safety equipment. The equipment come as protective fire safety measures. This article will discuss a fire equipment you need to have in your home.

Smoke detectors

A smoke detector is the most basic fire safety device you can have in your home. The sound of a smoke alarm is the very first way you become aware of a fire in your home. Smoke alarms or detectors are incredibly loud so you should have no worry about sleeping through the alarm. It is important that you install the smoke detectors in the most sensitive parts of your home--for example in hallways, the basement, the kitchen or the garage where a fire is more likely to occur.

Fire extinguisher

Equipping your home with a fire extinguisher puts you in a better position of guarding your homestead against small fires and also in preventing them from developing into big fires. There are different types of fire extinguishers suited to put out different kinds of fire. For this reason, you should consider purchasing a multi-purpose extinguisher suited to put out all types of home fires. It is important to install the fire extinguisher in the most sensitive parts of your home. You can have one installed in the kitchen, garage and the basement.

A Fire Blanket

It is used to smother flames, especially in the kitchen pan fires. It is a simple and a very ideal fire safety equipment that you should have in your home. You can also use a fire blanket on someone whose clothes are on fire by wrapping it around them to smoother the flames. It is important to store your fire blankets in or adjacent to the kitchen for easy access in case of a fire accident.


Fitting in sprinklers in your home ensures minimal damage in case of a fire accident. High temperatures from a fire triggers the sprinklers, hence providing a high level of protection from the risks caused by fires. You can choose to fit the sprinklers in all the rooms of your household or in specific crucial areas.

It is important to own and be familiar with a few fire safety equipment, as they could one day save your life.