Keep Burglars Out | 4 Great Locking Solutions

With the increase in burglary in most neighbourhoods, it has now become essential to get the right locks to keep intruders out. However, finding the best lock can sometimes be difficult. Moreover, the burglars themselves are also upgrading their expertise. Worry not. The article below highlights a few locks for any homeowners interested in boosting their property's security.

Smart Locking

Due to advancement in technology, people have been able to improve home security through the innovation of smart locks. An average smart lock can sense the presence of anyone and anything approaching the door. Nowadays, these smart locks can be integrated to your smartphone, enabling you to monitor your door from anywhere. In addition, some of these locks are fitted with built-in cameras that can send real-time photos of anyone attempting to open your door. With this, you can not only secure your property from theft but also help the police catch the intruders. For eagle-eye monitoring alongside security, smart locks are the way to go.

Keyless Door Locks

These refer to electronic door locks. They are modern door locks that are complemented by the former. Keyless locks use a digital code for activation. It consists of a keypad somewhere next to your door knob that you can use to type your code. With these locks, the buttons are your key, thus making them very convenient. You no longer need to worry about losing keys ever again. In addition, some of these electronic devices have inbuilt alarm systems that can sound from keying in the wrong code a number of times. This can alert neighbours or even scare away the intruder.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are locks that are fitted in a pocket created inside your door. They are very difficult to open. This is because they are made up of a very complex notch and lever system that makes them really hard to pick. In addition, these locks have dual locking systems. They can be locked from inside or outside, hence are very convenient. In addition, mortise locks have that old antique appearance which would give your door a more aesthetic appeal.

Double Cylinder Deadbolts

Deadbolts are also known as deadlocks. With this locking system, the lock cylinder must rotate together with the key to unlock. However, the double cylinder requires you to lock or unlock from both the exterior and interior of the property, thus making it highly secure. It is highly recommended for a good window lock, since these are the most vulnerable entrance spots for intruders. Moreover, they are also good for locking green houses and home valuables.

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