Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Over the Replacement Option

Cabinets make kitchen places become a lot more functional by adding much needed storage space. Just like many other kitchen installations these cabinets will often call for replacement at some point. That, however, should not always be the case when it comes to old kitchen cabinets as these cabinets can alternatively be refaced.

The all-important question that several homeowners out there often raise is: What are the advantages of refacing kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them? Here are a few crucial advantages of kitchen cabinet refacing to address their concerns:  

Saves time and eliminates the hassle associated with removing old cabinets.

Replacing kitchen cabinets basically means that the old cabinets have to go so as to create space for new ones to be installed. The cabinet removal process has to be performed meticulously for homeowners to have any chance of salvaging items that can be sold or donated afterwards. Countertops, floors, sinks and any other fittings and installations will also have to be covered to protect them from getting scratched or dented during the removal process. All this work requires a lot of time, skill and experience; something that most DIYers may lack.

Opting to reface old cabinets will save you the time spent and hassle of removing the cabinets from your kitchen. You can do everything without having to remove the cabinets from where they were initially fitted!

More environmental friendly.

If you intend to replace your old kitchen cabinets, then it means that you will have to buy or pre-order new ones made from new material, be it wood, metal, or any other material. When the demand for new cabinets goes up, cabinet manufacturers are forced to increase their demand for materials required to meet the increased customer demand.

If you are going to buy new wood cabinets, for instance, more wood material will be required to provide you with what you need, and this will lead to more trees being cut down. Likewise, the production of new steel cabinets will call for increased mining activities and energy consumption, further depleting the already scarce natural resources.

When you choose to reface your old kitchen cabinets, you essentially make the best of what you already have, helping moderate the alarming rate at which God-given resources are being exploited. What is more, there will be less waste material ending up in landfills and recycling plants since almost nothing will have to be discarded.

More cost-effective.

Whatever angle you look at it, refacing old kitchen cabinets will always cost you less to as compared to replacing them. This is because the cost of purchasing new cabinets usually consumes a large part of the kitchen remodeling project: The refacing option gives you an opportunity to save big money by avoiding to incur the cost of purchasing new cabinets.

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