Tips for Choosing Roller Garage Doors for a Commercial Facility

A roller garage door is often used in a commercial facility as it gives your staff more control over how much of the door they want opened and closed during business hours, and doesn't take up as much space as a door that swings out when opened. When choosing a new roller door for your commercial facility, production area, or warehouse, note that they are not all the same when it comes to their overall features. Consider a few tips for choosing roller garage doors for a commercial facility. 

1. Wind resistance

Since garage doors for a commercial facility can often be quite large and roller doors are typically made in sections or panels, they can be more prone to buckling and swaying in the wind. If your facility is in the tropics or any area that is prone to very high winds and inclement weather, note the wind resistance of a roller door. A door may need to be fitted with wind locks of some sort that will keep it in place during high winds or keep the panels from catching the wind and causing the door to ripple and buckle.

2. Thermal efficiency

You may already spend quite a bit of money keeping your warehouse or production facility heated or cooled for employees and for the safety of any temperature-sensitive product, and don't need to lose heat or air conditioning out the garage door. Note the thermal efficiency of a door if your facility is in an area prone to extreme temperature conditions. Don't assume that a thick door is automatically going to be more energy-efficient, as metal might conduct heat or cold if it's not insulated with any type of foam or other such material. Go by the thermal efficiency rating, not door thickness, for protecting your facility's overall temperature.

3. Cycle speed

Note how long it takes a door to open fully if you need fast access in and out of your facility. This can be necessary for a facility that has customers come up to the garage door, as they don't want to wait too long for it to open or close behind them. The cycle speed can also ensure that you don't lose heating and cooling as you wait for the garage door to open or close completely. A faster cycle speed can also be needed for a facility that houses emergency vehicles, as they may need a fast exit when called.