Lawn Mowers | 4 Indicators That Mower Replacement Is Better Than Repair

If you have a grass-laden backyard, then you know how important lawn mowers are to its general upkeep. Lawn mowing keeps your garden looking neat and tidy, while adding aesthetic prowess to the overall appearance of your home. But over time, lawn mowers can become old and worn out and repair may end up being more expensive than replacement. This guide is designed is designed to help you with instances when lawn mower replacement is better than repair. 

The Lawnmower Makes A Banging Sound When You Operate It

If your engine makes a knocking or banging sound, then it could be because the crankshaft has bent or the rod has broken inside. This can be expensive to repair, so you're better off looking at replacement lawn mowers instead. Bent crankshafts and broken rods become worse as you operate the mower on low oil levels, which causes greater friction instead of lubrication between its parts.  

Smoke Comes Out Of The Lawn Mower Exhaust

If you notice smoke coming out of your lawn mower exhaust, then it could be because the rings are worn out, which causes your engine to consume excess fuel. This problem is usually triggered when you don't clean your air filter often because debris will get into the cylinder and wear out the lawn mower rings. In this case, it may be time to invest in new lawn mowers because repairs may end up being too expensive.

The Lawn Mower Consumes Too Much Oil

Your lawn mower's engine oil has to go somewhere and it usually goes into the cylinder. If you have to add oil to the engine after every mowing job, then you're either mowing more than you need to or it is an indicative sign of an oil leak in your engine. Oil is expensive, so you naturally want to make sure that it is being used optimally inside the mower. If the problem cannot be repaired, it may be wise to replace the lawn mower entirely.

The Lawn Mower Deck Is Rusted

If you notice excessive rust formation on the deck of your lawn mower, then you've lost most of the support to the device. Rust means that you risk the chance of mower blades flying off while you mow the lawn, which could be extremely dangerous to you and others around. Mowing decks are usually expensive, so you may want to opt for replacement lawn mowers instead of costly repair.

If you recognise any of these indicators, it may be time to replace lawn mowers instead of repairing them. Contact a local outlet, such as Cox Mowers, for further assistance.