Going deep underground - making use of all of your space

If you live in an area with council restrictions on building heights and/or external building appearance, and you have a small block, you may need to dig deep to get the space you need. That's right, using basements and underground spaces can be a great way to find more space in your new home. Here are some ways that homeowners are making use of underground areas

Underground car parks

If you have a beautiful car that you want to keep safe and protected, then an underground car park can be the perfect solution. Not only does this keep your car safe from the weather and criminal elements, it also provides you with a weatherproof, safe and discreet entrance into your house. You can also integrate space for multiple vehicles into your car park without needing to sacrifice yard space or find on-street parking. This is a great solution for people who have multiple cars. 

A wine cellar/storage space

Wine was traditionally stored underground as the temperature and humidity are more stable underground. This can make a cellar not only a great space to store fine wines but also other sensitive items such as valuable artworks or books. It can also be a great place to store bulky sports and camping equipment that you may not use regularly but may want to keep for certain times of year. It can save the need to pay for a separate storage unit and is much more convenient for impulse trips away to the snowfields and so on. 

Extra living space

Finally, you can also have extra living space integrated underneath the house. This can be a great solution for people with heavy restrictions on the outward appearance of their new home. You can build underground living areas that sit underneath your yard and make use of discreet skylights to provide some natural light (supplemented with extra lights for gloomy days). These underground living areas can often be much larger than you could achieve with above ground building as you can use the entire width of the block, which can be useful if you have a very small space to work with. 

If you have a small block and restrictions on the outward appearance of your new home it can be worth considering integrating some underground features into your new home. As building underground can be more challenging it makes sense to talk to an experienced home builder (like those at Seapointe Homes) who can manage a complex project.