Window Treatment: Selecting the Right Material for Exterior Shutters

There are numerous types of window treatment options to consider when performing a general home improvement plan. The right choice for your property should be strong and durable to limit the need for frequent repair and replacement. Moreover, it should improve the aesthetic value of your home after installation. One of the favourable window covers that you should consider using is the exterior shutters. These are stable coverings which are designed to cover the window from outside. The shutters will reinforce protection against winds, hail and snow and limit the risk of window pane breakage. In addition, these will allow you to control natural light, ventilation and the view from outside. Consider these suitable materials when choosing your ideal exterior shutters.

Wood Shutters

Wood is a popular material choice for building exterior shutters because it has a lot of potential in terms of aesthetic appeal. You can varnish or stain the wood to emphasize the natural wood grain, which is authentic and beautiful. Alternatively, you can paint the surfaces in plain colours or patterns to match your home design. Wood materials are strong and can withstand pressure from wind and storms without much damage. On the other hand, you should note that this material requires some maintenance. In simple terms, you will need to seal and treat the wood to prevent rotting and attack by borers and termites.

Metal Shutters

When choosing exterior shutters intended to improve security and safety, you should consider purchasing metal products. There are two primary metals that you can elect: aluminium and steel. Aluminium is the most ideal choice if you are concerned about the possibility of rusting and general corrosion. However, the material is fairly lightweight, so contact with accidental impact like hail will cause warping and general distortion of the shutters. Steel is the stronger alternative, so it is suitable if you want to reinforce the home. The material will not sustain damage from most forms of impact, so it is fairly invulnerable to bad weather and intruders. Unfortunately, it can rust; consider buying galvanised or stainless steel exterior shutters.

Vinyl Shutters

Plastic shutters are advantageous during home improvement because they are inexpensive to acquire. They are also available in an assortment of diverse colours and patterns to match personal taste. You should also remember that the vinyl shutters are not vulnerable to moisture and even exposure to chemicals. Regrettably, plastic is prone to breakage from high impact and the colours can fade after prolonged use in the harsh sun.