Luxury Spaces You Want in Your Next Home

For your new luxury home, you no doubt have certain features you want your homebuilder to include so your new home is as comfortable and indulgent as possible. While your homebuilder may have spaces he or she will include and you have your own ideas for those rooms in your new home, there may be some you're overlooking as well. Before you have the final plans for your home drawn up, note some of those spaces and their function that you'll want to discuss with him or her and ensure they're included.

Indoor arcade

Why go out and deal with crowds to enjoy yourself and spend time with your kids? An indoor arcade doesn't need to be very expansive to include all the favorite games you enjoy; this can include a pinball game, table tennis, air hockey, and whatever else you love. Have this included in the plans so you know the flooring will be durable and not get scratched and marked by these gaming tables and that you have built-in storage for accessories like pool cues, a popcorn machine, and the like.

Indoor gym or boxing ring

As with an arcade, you may not want to deal with a crowd when you work out. An indoor gym also doesn't need to be expansive, but it should include what's important to you for your fitness; you might want more free weights than room for aerobics or a track for running. You might also want an open area for practicing your martial arts or working with a sparring partner. Your indoor gym can also include a small shower area and room for storing towels, cleaners for the equipment, protective gloves, and even a refrigerator for water bottles and energy drinks.


You can go outside and enjoy the stars, but you might also want to be able to enjoy them from indoors, where it's warm during the wintertime and cool during the summertime. An observatory can include a large retractable roof that you open to observe the stars and skyline as well as a nice selection of telescopes, research books, and even computers that give you information about what you're looking at outside.

Recital room

If you or anyone in your family plays an instrument, you may not want a theater as much as you would prefer a recital room. This would mean space for the performer and his or her instruments, which might be elevated for better viewing, and rows for theater seating. This space might also include upgraded acoustics so the music sounds its best.

Talk to your luxury home designers about these different rooms or any other features you want to consider adding to your dream home plan.