Flower Power | 5 Fabulous Flower Ideas For A Special Anniversary

If you are celebrating a special anniversary with your partner, then you can make it extra special by choosing flowers with special meanings from your local florist. Flowers are symbolic of love and commitment in general, but some flowers bring special meanings with them. This guide equips you with fabulous flower ideas when celebrating a special anniversary with your loved one.


Carnations signify the bonds of everlasting commitment and joy between two people, making them the perfect choice for a special anniversary. A carnation bouquet filled with gorgeous pink, red and purple variations add drama and beauty to your special day together. Your partner will love the idea of the loyalty and fidelity brought forth by the warmth of this floral bouquet put together by your florist.


Lilies denote purity of a relationship with devotion and honesty at the helm –– powerful symbols of the love two people share. If you're looking to celebrate a special loved one, then lilies in white, pink and yellow represent the perfect symbol of your dedication to the relationship. If your partner has a specific colour preference, then get your florist to put together a bouquet of lilies in this colour to show her how much you care.


Hydrangeas symbolise appreciation and gratefulness, making them an excellent floral choice when you're celebrating several years together like a silver or ruby anniversary. They are perfect when you want to show your partner how appreciative you are of her and your life together. Hydrangeas are available in different shades, so you can choose a bouquet in your partner's favourite colour to show your gratitude.


Lilacs are symbolic of emotions and love, bringing with them powerful memories of the love shared by two people. A simple bouquet with white and purple lilacs filled with soft, green foliage will remind you and your partner of the simple pleasures you have together. They are great for when you want to show your partner how much she means to you.


Tulips are representations of deep passion and commitment, making them the perfect choice for when you're celebrating a milestone anniversary together. Your partner is bound to love the celebration they bring with them when you celebrate a special anniversary together. Tulips are fun flowers, so you can choose different shades to create a dramatic and eye-catching bouquet.

Flowers are perfect symbols of love and commitment. Use these ideas when working with your florist to gift your partner the perfect bouquet on a special anniversary.