Carport Material Options For Any Home

A carport is a great way of providing parking and protective space outdoor for your car. They are especially necessary in homes where there is not enough space in the garage, or a complete lack of a garage. Carports are also popular in many commercial places providing temporary sheltering for the employees and clients car. When constructing a carport, one of the main considerations you will have to make is material options.  Carport kits are made from different available materials. Depending on your taste and functional requirements, here are brief descriptions of some available material options for carports.

Wood carport

Wooden carports are popular because of the versatility provided by wood. The carport can either be a lean-to type on your front, side or back yard, or a standalone. Many carport manufacturers use the various basic templates employed with pergolas to design wooden carports. The roof can be gable, flat, or any other design you deem aesthetically complementing to your home. Wood is a strong and durable material. The wood used in carport kits is usually pre-treated to prevent termite attack, growth of mold, and rot. The relative difficulties associated with design and transport of the wood can make these carports considerably more costly than other designs.

Aluminum carport

These carports are low-weight and also easy to move around. They offer a good solution to the need for a temporary carport. The beauty with aluminum is that it can be painted a variety of colors and designs. Many people have the "alumwood" carport which is ideally aluminum made to look like very elegant wood. However, the light-nature of aluminum makes such carports not ideal for areas that experience very high winds and raging storms. 

Steel carport

If you want a sturdy and robust carport then steel is your partner. A steel carport is made of heavy galvanized steel pillars and a flat roof. It may be a lean-to structure or standalone as well.  Steel carports can withstand storms and all sorts of extreme elemental conditions. This is why many people build these as more permanent solutions. Steel carports also have the advantage of looking visually appealing when standing alongside today's modern architecture. A steel carport, however, may prove more difficult to install alone. You will need the assistance of professionals if you want a perfect steel carport kit installation.

Polyethylene Carport

Finally, you may have spotted these at a mall, office space, or even some homes. These are made of a synthetic plastic material that is laid out over the frame of the carport. Polyethylene carports fit naturally in commercial spaces. With a little creativity, some homeowners manage to successfully use the material for a home carport. The carports are inexpensive, lightweight, and sometimes even colorful. Unfortunately, they cannot be said to be very durable especially in places that experience excessive strong winds or storms.