Steps Every Homeowner Should Take Before Asbestos Removal

When you think about asbestos removal, you may be thinking about handling it yourself. Though this is an option, you could be overlooking other asbestos in the home that needs removal or putting yourself at a health risk if you mishandle the asbestos during a DIY removal. If you decide to choose a professional asbestos removal route, you may be under the misconception that you simply call a removal agent and order the process. The truth is, there are at least three steps you should take before the actual removal process can begin.

Testing for Asbestos

You may already know of certain areas in your home that contain asbestos, but that doesn't mean you know about all of them. Before you take on what you think is a small asbestos removal project on your own or with a professional, you will want to have testing done throughout the property. In fact, some asbestos removal agencies will ask if you have had this done, and if you haven't, they will ask that you have it done prior to obtaining their services. The testing process will cover your entire property and give the removal team a clear idea of the scope and intensity of project.

Hiring an Asbestos Consultant

One step that many homeowners skip is hiring an asbestos consultant. In the asbestos removal process, this could be vital to getting the job done quickly and meeting all required safety guidelines for each area of the property that is infected with asbestos. A consultant will take the readouts from the testing and determine the best and safest methods for removal. You may find that an asbestos removal agency has a consultant and removal bundled package in order to ensure you get the ideal price and removal suited for your needs.

Hiring an Asbestos Contractor

Once you have moved through the testing process and the consultation and hired the contractor, you can move on to scheduling the actual removal. Your contractor will keep you informed of the best options, such as staying in the home during the removal process or if finding accommodations would be best. They can also answer pricing questions and health related questions you may have regarding the removal.

In some cases, you may be able to find an asbestos contractor that offers testing, consultations, and removal. This would, of course, be the ideal option since it would cut down on the number of contractors and professionals moving in and out of the home for testing and removal purposes. It would also cut down on the amount of time it would take from testing to removal, since you would not be scheduling several different appointments with different companies. The contractor is the one who will be handling the removal process, regardless of whether you will be going through third parties for the testing and consulting or through one company as a whole.