Tips on How to Preserve the Beautiful Look of Your Teak Dining Furniture

Teak furniture can enhance the elegance of your indoor dining area with its beautiful color and rustic appearance. One of the key advantages of teak wood is its ability to withstand weather elements without deteriorating in appearance or performance. However, their appealing look does not come without effort from your side. Poor maintenance can degrade the value of teak furniture, and you may be forced to replace them after a few years. Here are some ways in which you maintain the look of your teak dining table and chairs for many years.

Clean regularly

Indoor teak furniture is probably the most durable and the easiest furniture to maintain as compared to outdoor teak furniture. The fact that the indoor environment is usually less exposed to dust and dirt makes the cleaning process even easier. You can maintain the beautiful shiny gold color of teak dining furniture by regularly wiping it down using a non-abrasive cloth and water mixed with dishwashing solution. Warm water can be used to remove any food and soup spills on the table and chairs. Avoid using abrasive brushes as they can scratch the wood.

Seal the surface of the wood

When oxygen comes into contact with the surface of the teak wood, it results in oxidation. Oxidation can cause color changes and dull the shiny gold color of teak furniture. To avoid oxidation and preserve the beautiful natural color of teak, you should seal or apply varnish to the furniture. Purchase a teak sealant or varnish from the store and have an expert seal the furniture for you. Note that it is essential to seal the teak furniture even if you oil it as part of the maintenance routine.

Avoid exposure to sunlight

Teak wood has a natural, shiny gold color. However, when exposed to sunlight over an extended period, the color begins to change to silver-gray. Teak furniture that is silver-gray is usually referred to as weathered teak. To avoid this, you should never expose your dining furniture to sunlight if you want to preserve its natural color.

Protect the wood from humidity

High levels of humidity may not be ideal for your teak dining furniture. Humidity fluctuations in the indoor environment can cause the wood to split. If your dining area is near the kitchen, which usually experiences high humidity levels due to heat, you should consider purchasing a dehumidifier.

Finally, protect your teak table by investing in a table pad, coasters, or table mats when using the table to prevent scratches to the wood. With these tips, your teak dining furniture can maintain its beautiful color and appearance for a long time. For more information, contact local professionals like The Teak Place.